Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Pledge to the People of Princeton

"Who I Am and What I Believe" is fully outlined in "Running for Civic Election" below. Included there is "I Pledge", but it bears restating:

If elected as your new Town Councillor, I pledge to:

·         Work diligently within the current Town Council structure to move forward on current issues including;
o   Resolving the Emergency Room dilemma & Related PGH Issues
o   Addressing the Urban Deer Problem

·         Advocate for and contribute constructively to action on “Next” Council Priorities including;
o   Updating the Economic Development Strategy for the Okanagan Similkameen
o   Reviewing and Revising a Recreational Master Plan

·         Support initiatives that;

o   Enhance the area’s economic viability in the event of widespread economic recession or depression
o   Reverse our population decline by enhancing the social support systems for an aging citizenry
o   Ensure Disaster Preparedness Planning is in step with global economic and environmental realities.