Saturday, August 2, 2008

Temporarily out of stock... a euphemism for - It's not yet ready for Prime Time!!!! :(

It's been a while between postings. 30,000 miles of air travel, reintroducing my year-old son to his Canadian family, and catching up on maintentance at his "piece of the rock" in Canada has kept me away from the keyboard (this blog), and largely from further review (of the hardcopy)of the recently released fifth draft of Mai Shangri-La since June.

In the 60% of the MS that I have reviewed, though, I've found FIVE HUNDRED more edits that need to be completed before I can re-release MSL for sale. If you've been following this blog and wondered if MSL has gone to that big slush-pile in the sky, the answer is NO! It's just gestating a bit more. The story's been told. Now it just needs a final polish.

The Sixth, and, I hope, final draft of Mai Shangri-La should be ready for upload to CreateSpace by the end of August. I'll need to order a new Proof copy and then approve that before the book will go back on Sale. Stay Tuned!!!