Saturday, May 24, 2008

Errata - Mai Shangri-La

If you've paid full-price for this book in the May 20th release, I have an offer for you. I'll send a Gift-Copy of the final, polished (CreateSpace) edition of the book to any reader that adds at least THREE new errors for final correction in this Errata" posting. Submit your corrections either as Comments to this post or email to me at, along with your name and the mailing address to which I can send the Gift copy. And THANKS! It's been a great experience, and I look forward to your help in bringing it to a final, polished conclusion. - rjr-

ERRATA - Mai Shangri-La
(error-corrections to the May 20,2008 Createspace publication)
Author's Note: par.3, l.5, missing "inevitabe" following "arguably"
Chapter I
p. 1. - paragraph4, line6, add "the" before "diaphanous"
p. 2. - par3, l4, space between "twentyhours"; par.4, l9, close quotes on "Roaring 20's"
p. 3. - par2, l11, italicize "the Great Leveling"
Chapter II
p. 9. - par1, l3, "know" to "knew"
p. 10. - par1,l9, "an ever-changing" to "a never static"
p. 11. - par2,l5, cut "to the" before "of the tower"
p. 14 - par2, correct indent second line.
Chapter III
p. 15 - last line, last word, "seven" to "four"
p. 16 - par4,l9, "up to the" for "up toe the"; par5, l1, cut "," after "Strange," he"
p. 17 - par1,l7, "still" for "held"; par1,l9, cut "still" before "offered"
p. 18 - par5,l11, "protecting" to "protected"
p. 19 - par2,l4, cut "by" before "flu";par3,l3, cut "of" before "down";par3,l9,"as it was" to "but";par3,l10, "as" after "gold" to "where";par3,l11,full stop after "sea";cut "where apparently; new sentence begins with "The air there was relatively"
p. 20 - par.1,l5, "clicks" for "miles";par1,l14 "The majority of" for "Most of";par1,l18,cut "that had", change "greeted" to "greeting";par3,l7,Cut "Although", begin sentence with "He";l9, add "but" before "all in all".
p.21 - par2, l2, cut "had" before "barreled";par2,l13, "mile and hour" to "mile-an-hour";par4,l4, "as" after "stupidity" to "when".
p.22 - par2,l1, "importantly" to "important"
p.23 - par2,l13, cut "that" before "left";par3,l4, period after "through" to outside quotes.
Dreamory, 1994
p. 293 - par3, l. 7, "taxi-drives" to "taxi-drivers"; l.8 "comfortabl" to "comfortable"; l15, "buse" to "buses"; par 4, l.3 del "sh", add "breathing" following "are"
p. 294 - par4, l.5 - replace "Reuben" with "he". Dreamories do not name the character.
p. 295 - par 2, l12 - move "off" before "into space"; l15 - cut "he now sees" & change to "that's"
p. 296 - par2, l2nd from last, cut "," after "turn";par3,l3, "Wwhat's" to "What's";par5, last line, "awayt" to "away".
Chapter XXVII
p. 300 - par1, l9, cut "that";par4, l6, "here" to "he";par5, l9, add "," after "port".